More about me

I am Danish and have lived in Belgium for 5 years before moving to Luxembourg, where I have lived since 1998. I moved to Belgium to work as a Chemical Engineering specialised in soil pollution.

After my assignment in Belgium finished, I took a Master degree at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Human Ecology, started working for an NGO, Institute of Cultural Affairs International, got married to my Danish husband and got my first daughter before moving to Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg I got more and more involved in different types of management training (facilitation of workshops, training in group dynamics, personal efficiency, and personality types training etc.) and I had my second daughter in 2000.

For the last 18 years I have been working with management training in the private sector in Luxembourg and in the European Union Institutions in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Over the years I have expanded my trainings to cover subjects like: facilitation techniques, conflict resolution, cultural awareness, improved group communication, Myers-Briggs personality type and Jungian Type Index trainings.

I started studying and working with Gestalt theory and praxis in 2012 at Copenhagen Gestalt Institute (KGI) in Denmark. This engagement has been and still is for me a journey in understanding human relations in a broader and more diverse way.

I get supervision from supervisors recognized by the Copenhagen Gestalt Institute (KGI) in Denmark.

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— elisabeth wille, wille gestalt therapy