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In terms of formal qualifications, I have a degree in chemical engineering from Denmark, a master in Human Ecology from Belgium, numerous trainings in facilitation, in personality type knowledge and since 2012 also the Gestalt Therapy Background

This background makes a solid foundation for our work together and to ensure that you can grow and become better at living your life in a, for you, meaningful way and experience an improved quality of your life.

Have a look around the webpage to discover more and then you are welcome to book an appointment with me.

…nobody can stand truth if it is told to him.
Truth can be tolerated only if you discover it yourself because then, the pride of discovery makes the truth palatable
— Frederick Salomon Perls

What I can do for you

People often chose to start Gestalt conversation sessions because they desire change in certain aspects of their life – and find it hard to make the changes on their own.

I offer individual Gestalt conversation sessions. Through the conversations you will develop an insight into yourself and to the patterns based on which you act. You will get help changing the patterns you find problematic. During our work together you may discover new sides of yourself which can help you develop in the direction you want to.

If you see yourself in any of the examples below you can benefit from individual Gestalt conversation sessions:

  • You miss joy in life

  • You are looking for clarification about your relationship/marriage

  • You are having difficulties in setting boundaries towards other people and their demands

  • You want to strengthen your self-esteem

  • You have frequent conflicts with your children

  • You are stressed or have performance anxiety

  • You need support in relation to a loss, a crisis or grief

  • You experience inner emptiness or anxiety

  • You find it hard to deal with changes going on in your life

  • You want to explore yourself and develop new sides of yourself

Depending on what is needed, the sessions will be supportive, challenging and integrating.

I offer sessions in English or Danish and I understand a bit of French and German.

I get supervision from supervisors recognized by the Copenhagen Gestalt Institute (KGI) in Denmark.

Give me a call or send me a mail if you would like to hear more about the therapy or book a session.

The psychotherapy situation is a laboratory,
an opportunity to look at oneself in a variety of mirrors
— Joseph Zinker

More about me

I am Danish and have lived in Belgium for 5 years before moving to Luxembourg, where I have lived since 1998. I moved to Belgium to work as a Chemical Engineering specialised in soil pollution.

After my assignment in Belgium finished, I took a Master degree at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Human Ecology, started working for an NGO, Institute of Cultural Affairs International, got married to my Danish husband and got my first daughter before moving to Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg I got more and more involved in different types of management training (facilitation of workshops, training in group dynamics, personal efficiency, and personality types training etc.) and I had my second daughter in 2000.

For the last 18 years I have been working with management training in the private sector in Luxembourg and in the European Union Institutions in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Over the years I have expanded my trainings to cover subjects like: facilitation techniques, conflict resolution, cultural awareness, improved group communication, Myers-Briggs personality type and Jungian Type Index trainings.

I started studying and working with Gestalt theory and praxis in 2012 at Copenhagen Gestalt Institute (KGI) in Denmark. This engagement has been and still is for me a journey in understanding human relations in a broader and more diverse way.

I get supervision from supervisors recognized by the Copenhagen Gestalt Institute (KGI) in Denmark.

Life is difficult? Try a different kind of conversation with Wille Gestalt
— elisabeth wille, wille gestalt therapy

What is Gestalt?

The word Gestalt comes from German and can be translated as Shape, Form or Pattern. In our life we tend to act according to certain patterns depending on the circumstances we are in. This helps us build reliable and simple ways to act in the world.

The surroundings, the circumstances and our relations change all through our life. However, sometimes we keep on behaving and acting based on the old patterns just because we are used to them.

Life is a process and change is an implicit part of our lives – the ability to manage and cope with the many changes is fundamental both for our physical as well as psychological health. Coping with a changing life situation means making decisions – and to be able to make your decisions in the new situation – you need to have/build/develop awareness about your own needs and how you would like to live your life.

Gestalt conversation session helps you develop awareness and act in the “here and now” according to the relations and the circumstances which are relevant and present for you now – and not just to act in a certain way because of automated patterns.

The method used in Gestalt is a phenomenological working method which means that the Gestalt practitioner and the client engage in an aware and open contact taking it’s starting point in the present moment.

The theoretical frame for Gestalt Therapy is existentialism which means that we all have some fundamental conditions which we need to deal with. Our life is our responsibility and we have to make choices which affect us as well as others. Sometimes we need help to discover, acknowledge and deal with these conditions.

One never steps in the same river twice
— Unknown

Prices 2019

Individual session of 60 minutes: 80 euros per session - buy 3 sessions for 190 euros.