What I can do for you

People often chose to start Gestalt conversation sessions because they desire change in certain aspects of their life – and find it hard to make the changes on their own.

I offer individual Gestalt conversation sessions. Through the conversations you will develop an insight into yourself and to the patterns based on which you act. You will get help changing the patterns you find problematic. During our work together you may discover new sides of yourself which can help you develop in the direction you want to.

If you see yourself in any of the examples below you can benefit from individual Gestalt conversation sessions:

  • You miss joy in life

  • You are looking for clarification about your relationship/marriage

  • You are having difficulties in setting boundaries towards other people and their demands

  • You want to strengthen your self-esteem

  • You have frequent conflicts with your children

  • You are stressed or have performance anxiety

  • You need support in relation to a loss, a crisis or grief

  • You experience inner emptiness or anxiety

  • You find it hard to deal with changes going on in your life

  • You want to explore yourself and develop new sides of yourself

Depending on what is needed, the sessions will be supportive, challenging and integrating.

I offer sessions in English or Danish and I understand a bit of French and German.

I get supervision from supervisors recognized by the Copenhagen Gestalt Institute (KGI) in Denmark.

Give me a call or send me a mail if you would like to hear more about the therapy or book a session.

The psychotherapy situation is a laboratory,
an opportunity to look at oneself in a variety of mirrors
— Joseph Zinker